Company Biography

Founded in 2009 by an ex-KPMG consultant, TEngle Consulting Group specializes in matching consultants to client needs. We understand your business and only select the very resource that will fit with your organization.

We have a proven track record leading and delivering on projects. Whether you need resources to build out data models, restructure your data warehouse, manage the roll out of business initiatives or place a team to implement/upgrade your current ERP systems (PeopleSoft/Oracle), TCG is your place for quality consultants.

Founded on:


  • TCG operates with the highest level of ethics. Going beyond operating to just comply within regulatory frameworks; we operate morally and ethically as a way of life.


  • Employee and customer satisfaction is our highest priority.
  • TCG management supports and empowers their resources enabling them to focus on the customer and customers’ needs.


  • TCG delivers on its commitments and stands behind the services we provide. We will present our ‘A-team’ and come ready with our highly skilled and knowledgeable resources to assist your organization.

Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your needs and how we can help!

You can also speak with some in our office by calling us at (925) 361-0167.